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Some Tips For Relieving Holiday Stress

By Angela Skeete Davis

Think Moderation!

We should try not to overindulge with food and/or alcohol. Remember, eating and drinking may feel like it adds to the joy of the holidays or “eases the pain” of the holiday blues, but it is only temporary and can also lead to feelings oguilt.

Set Aside "YOU" time!

Give yourself a bit of you time in the morning and throughout your day. You can practice mindfulness no matter where you are, so find a space where you can be alone. Set a timer (start with one minute, then slowly increase the amount of time to as much as you desire) and practice grounding yourself in your breath, observing how your body feels, how you feel, and focusing on being in the present.

Learn to Let Go (especially of guilt)!

Holding on to memories, painful feelings, and thoughts can be exhausting and a waste of energy. You may experience an increase in energy and happiness as you learn to let things go.

Try not to put unreasonable pressure on yourself during the holidays. Likewise, try not to over-analyze your interactions. Let go of the guilt and give yourself a break this holiday season.

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