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Sacred Space Sunday Recap - Reflection

On December 1, 2019, the discussion centered around reflections. Marc Christmas shared there are four valuable reflections we should look at - reflections on 1) characteristics you admire that you see in others; 2) characteristics you want to avoid that you see in others; 3) characteristics you strongly fight against that you see in others; and 4) characteristics you see in yourself that you dislike.

Marc reminded the group that every person we meet in life is showing up at the perfect time in our lives to reflect something we need to heal within ourselves. The people with whom we interact are showing us who we are and ultimately providing us with an opportunity to love ourselves. Since our mission is to discover what we don’t love and learn to love it, the people who get on our nerves the most are among our greatest teachers.

Marc encouraged the participants to spend the week looking in the mirror and reflecting on each of the four aspects of reflection. Some questions to consider were - What is this person teaching me? Do I behave like this now? Did I behave like